Smoke Machine for testing evap systems, finding vacuum leaks, ect.
Identifix saves you money by saving me time when isolating faults in any automotive system

Sure Track from Snap-On has direct interface with my diagnostic platform for the fastest fix
With this information system the skills that I have developed the data bases and equipment I have invested in You can rest assured, Your vehicle will be repaired once, right the first time. You will not have to come back for the same problem in 12 months/20k or I will fix it for free. 
Idebtifix Auto repair database
   I have been fixing car's for a living, since 1979, I have worked for Ford, (General Mechanic including electrical)Chrysler, AMC, Jeep and Renault Dealers, (Electrical Specialist, Drive Train, and General Mechanic). I have also worked for and gained experience in independent repair shops, and have received specialized training in Electrical Fault Diagnostics, Emission, Fuel System, Drive Train and more. I have operated as Auto Surgeon since 1994. I am heavily invested in the best diagnostic equipment and information systems available, To put it simply there is no better place to bring your car or light truck.. 
   I service all domestic & import also specializing in services for BMW, Mercedes & Volkswagen
   Check out the information systems and equipment below for an example of some of the information and diagnostic systems I have invested in to help repair your vehicle right the first time quickly, accurately and economically.     
The Verus Pro is the most advanced diagnostic system available Fast, Accurate, Fixed Right.
Midtronics EPS 1000 HD makes battery, charging and starting diagnostics fast and accurate. No guess work, fixed right the first time guaranteed. 
I use a smoke machine to pinpoint problems faster again saving me time and you money
 The power probe and manufacturers wiring schematics are the fastest route to undocumented wiring problems and verifying documented solutions. If you are at the end of your rope I CAN HELP if I can't fix it you pay nothing.
CAA approved auto repair service
Tough Book computer, OEM diagnostics, reflash and program  replacement automotive computers.
Direct Hit now includes BMW OEM electrical repair information
Automotive electrical component testing
sure track auto repair data base
Auto Repair Information
SureTrak common replaced parts
Verus Pro automotive computer diagnostic system
Midtronic 1000 hd, battery alternator and starter tester
Mechanic finding check engine light problem with the verus pro.
Motor top 20 tools
Scull with a mask on, caption smoked out
Car wiring repair
Power Probe 3, Automotive Electrical Diagnostic Tool for checking wiring, shorts, electrical components, grounds