Not only due your brakes require repair or replacement when they are worn beyond service but regular maintenance will save you money.

   No one has to tell you the vital role brakes play on your vehicle. Properly adjusted brakes keep your vehicle safe for you and your family. Most vehicles are equipped with either disc/drum or disc/disc setups. Disc set ups use calipers to hold your pads in place while drums have shoes inside them. Calipers need to move freely back and forth when force is applied through them in order to grab the disc. Like wise, shoes must be able to move freely in order to contact the drum. Road grime, salt, moisture and wear can all cause these critical parts to seize and get out of adjustment over time resulting in poor brake performance.  This can cause the brake parts to wear unevenly or prematurely. Brake drag will cause additional fuel consumption, and may even become unsafe.
    A front & rear brake service done once a year can increase parts life by as much as 60% and provide you with the security of knowing when you want to stop you can! 
   I am also fully equipped and qualified to handle all brake electronics, Anti Lock Brakes, Traction Control, Stability Control etc. so if your dash light is on, or your vehicle is making weird noise driving, braking or just sitting still I can help.
   Auto Surgeon can provide(depending on manufacturer and availability) Coated Rotors and Drums carrying up to three years warranty, Ceramic Brake Pads and Brake Shoes with a lifetime guarantee, expertly installed with one year/20k km labor warranty, all at a very economical price for safe reliable  brakes you can count on. . 

  Brakes are one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle, the condition and quality of the brake pads and rotors having the greatest effect on stopping distance. 
Rotor showing severe salt damage
rusted brake rotor with small brake surface
  The winter weather, in combination with salt that is used on maritime roads has an adverse effect on unprotected brake rotors.
  I have personally seen rotors less then 1yr old rotted as bad as these, some only have a 90 day warranty, no savings here.      
   As you can see from these images corrosion obviously has a negative effect on brake components, stopping distance and handling is compromised, making these brakes unsafe especially in a panic situation. 
New and used coated rotors showing how well they last
Disc brakes with quality pads and rotors showing how well they last,
New Bremsen coated brke rotors
New Bremsen coated brke rotors
  After two years coated brake rotors on a properly serviced brake system typically look like the image above right, the rotors I recommend and supply are EPA approved and carry up to three years warranty, keeping optimal braking ability through the life span of the vehicle. 
  There are different friction materials used in bake pads and shoes, the most common three in use today Organic, Semi Metallic, and Ceramic. 
  The best of these, for passenger cars, cross overs, suv's and Light Tucks (that aren't constantly loaded for work) are the ceramic brake pads. They perform better in most braking situations, last longer, make no audible noise, have almost no visible brake dust, and don't wear your brake rotors as much.
   The metallic pads are a little cheaper, can be very noisy, wear your rotors quicker, and make a lot of dust, In some cases like extreme cold(-40?),or were vehicle use demands constant braking, or if constantly loaded these may be optimal over the ceramic.
   Organic pads are easy on rotors and cheap, they fade with heat (you push the brake harder and harder but the car just won't stop, (and they still sell these) they make lots of dust and wear out quick. I don't recommend these pads at all.
Cartoon of red car slaming on the brakes driver looks shocked
Mechanic installing brake pads