Bent valves caused by timing belt failure
Engine damage caused by timing belt failure
Y block timing belt set up

Timing belt  4cyl engine
   Timing belt replacement is a MUST DO to avoid engine damage and additional expense in most cars on the road today. 
   To achieve maximum performance and economy most engines today are belt driven, overhead cam, interference fit. What this means is in the event of belt failure the valves in the cylinder head could (and from my own experience 80% do) hit the piston, causing internal engine damage, increasing the cost by 3 to 4 times or more, and the belt still has to be replaced! 

   Most manufacturers recommend that the timing belt be replaced at 100,000 km; some are good to 160,000 km you can check with Auto Surgeon, or your Dealer to find out if and when your timing belt should be replaced.
   As you can see replacing your timing belt on time will save you money, and avoid breakdown expense caused by belt failure. 
   If your vehicle has close to 100,000 km call me today and I will check the manufacturers recommended replacement interval at no cost to you. Better to be safe then sorry call today, 506 859 1213. 


   Below are some examples of damage caused from timing belt failure, in these cases installing a low mileage used engine is the most economical solution.